grilling ribeye steak

Not sure about the right grilling time for ribeye steaks? Many people are curious about the right grilling time for ribeye steaks. Getting the time right for grilling steaks is based on two important factors. In order to get the right grilling time for ribeye steaks, you must consider the thickness of the steaks and how well done you want the steaks to be.

For steaks that are about an inch and a half in thickness the grilling time for ribeye steaks is about fourteen minutes. This will provide you with a steak that is medium rare. With this grilling time for ribeye steaks, the steaks are cooked approximately seven minutes on each side.

If the steaks are thicker and/or if you prefer for your steaks to be more well done, then you will need to increase the grilling time for the steaks. Keep in mind that you do need to stand nearby and keep an eye on the steaks while they finish cooking because they can become overdone extremely quickly.

One tip that should be kept in mind when trying to get the right grilling time for ribeye steaks is that you need to remove the steaks from the refrigerator about thirty minutes before you actually plan to put them on the grill. You can allow the coals to heat during this time. This will allow the steaks to come to room temperature. This step is imperative to getting the grilling time right for ribeye steaks. If you place the steaks on the grill while they are cold they will tend to cook unevenly.

Another tip to keep in mind in order to get the right grilling time for ribeye steaks is that it is best to use an indirect grilling method. This means placing the steaks away from the direct heat of the grill. This method is commonly used for meats that will cook in less than thirty minutes, which is the case with ribeye steaks. Unless the steaks are extremely thick the indirect method is typically best in order to get delicious steaks on a consistent basis.

You may also wish to keep a bottle of water nearby while grilling the steaks to help put out small flames. This will assist in the grilling process and help to prevent the steaks from becoming overcooked or drying out during the cooking process.