wild meat grilling

No doubt a BBQ is not meant to be simple, but never the less some tricks should bring on the deep flavors and indeed the colors just right with the wild meats. Rather than dwell bringing out the more convenient flavors, the grill master must seek out the most subtle of touches that would ensure a good taste at all times.


If ever there were a defining aspect to the BBQ, then it has to be wood used in the fire. The experienced hands at the grill would always insist on using some of the fruitier types of wood and never the hardwood variety at all. Most good racks start with wood chips to start out the fire. The small chips are used to control the ferocity of the fire better in case it gets out of hand. Either way, it helps to soak the chips in water before using them for the light.

The act of soaking wood chips is never with the pouring out of water upon them. Just placing the wooden logs wrapped round in cloth would do just fine. Just the tinge of moisture would serve the purpose well.

Rest the wild meat before the consumption

What this means is that the grilled wild meat should be placed on the serving table to allow it to soak in the cooking action thoroughly. Most of the time due to the very dull nature of the heat being applied to the BBQ meat, the cooking process entirely doesn’t stop after the game has been taken off the fire. Allowing the finished grill to stand would blunt out the sharper components of the taste as well as ensure that the juices are soaked right through.

Lighting the grill

A widespread occurrence these days is the use of a gas flame to have the meat done. Most of the time, this sort of treatment would tend to overheat the meat and allow the flavor to sort of go up in smoke. The gas flame tends to heat up rather rapidly when it is the slow build-up of heat that is so necessary to cook out the meats.

Another of the common mistakes is to use lighter fluid and even something inflammable as kerosene or petrol to light the BBQ fire. Not only does this affect the taste of the grilled meat, but it does also tend to bring on a poor presentation due to the burnt appearance that it provides the grill.

Using aluminum foil

Quite like the paper towel in the kitchens, the aluminum foil tends to play more or less the same role at the BBQ sessions. The main reason to pick out the foils is due to the non-combustible nature of the foils. The metal foils are more of the friendlier option as far as the environment is concerned and that the foils can be cut into rather small pieces does work to the advantage of the product.